05 May 2013

shouldn't couldn't wouldn't --- did.

Time to disconnect the auction site from my bookmarks now.  For just over $70 I picked up a (Tamron) Promaster 28-200 lens (which I 'promise' not to use past 120mm).  It will be faster than the recently-grabbed 28-90 (Sigma) Quantaray, and of course in 'emergencies' can go to 200.  We'll see, but only one will stay.

Did I pay too much?  Maybe.  Oh forgot to mention, that price included a (Sigma) Quantaray 100-300, one that I've owned and liked before.  Twice.  So let's say each was $35 - and that I feel that I did well!

Except for the new lens cabinet I might need to build... :^)