15 April 2013

Everything changes II - going retro

Well, I sought a deal on the DA16-45 and failed several times on auction copies.  As the going rate climbed toward $250 I revisited a few sites for the off-brand options like the Tamron 17-50 (add $100) or a similar-spec Sigma (very few on the used market at any price).

Now stop me if you've heard this before (too late!) but there's the ideal lens for my kit sitting lonely on a virtual shelf: the Tamron 17-35mm f/2.8-4.  I had this on my Sony A200, my first really great lens - yes range is thin for 440g and it takes 77mm filters.  On the other hand it doesn't prevent the DA40 from playing, it's fast and decently wide, and I liked its images a great deal four years ago.

And hey guess what: it's full-frame capable.  That may not interest me now, but it may interest others in a year or so.  If money comes at me and I cannot duck, even I might care - but it will serve well on the 18×24 sensor in the meantime.

Retro part II

After adding it to my cart and then deleting it, I re-added a Sigma 28-90 with 1:2 macro.  The label says Quantaray but it's the Sigma 28-80 by any other name, and was another of my A200-veteran lenses .  Yes it has a plastic mount, yes just f/3.5-5.6 - but also yes close-focus ability at almost 1:2, yes 8 aperture blades, and oh yes 220 grams and a low price of $35.  When I don't need to go wide this lens can do most of what I do on not-really-out-for-imaging days; when I want to be serious the Limited primes will do the job best.  It will be fun comparing the Promaster 100 to this at 90mm, as both can do about 1:2 closeups.

And hey guess what II: it's also full-frame capable.