17 February 2013

what the Q can and cannot do

Well, a week with the Q has been interesting.  I feel pretty comfortable in saying this is a camera that will give you the best possible images from its sensor.  As many have noted, that's the good and the bad news; a 1/2.3" sensor is good in good light, indifferent when photons are fewer.

This shot looks nice when taken by itself: an iso2000 image that still has some fine detail.  Crop it down near 100% of your screen though, and the bricks are detailed yet covered in bonus data, the noisy stuff that records on the sensor but isn't really there. 

Let's be honest: for iso2000 and jpeg this is still quite impressive for a tiny sensor - but larger sensors exist for a reason, and scenes like this can really look great in my K-01 or K-5 even at iso3200-4000 and jpeg.  A large-sensor lens would probably show less purple tinting in the upper-left branches too.  I have heard great things from owners about the 01 Prime lens, and no doubt it would fare better.
I should have saved this in raw format to see how clean it could be -- but that will have to wait for another pre-dawn opportunity I guess.  No doubt it can look better after a bit of post-processing; I know the Fuji F550 surprised me quite a bit with its 1/2" EXR sensor.  Sooner or later I'll check the Q's raw abilities & post that answer here.
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