19 May 2012

the updated kit - today's version :^)

A week after speculating on missing gear I have a 15mm. A month after seeking and finding a 35-70 lens for my manual-focus kit I have my favorite 28-105 again. When does it end? Obviously about two weeks after I'm dead, since I could go suddenly after placing a bid.

 So am I happy? Well, I'm a naturally happy guy so that doesn't quite fit - but I am satisfied, which is the equivalent in gear-lust terms.  The lenses in my possession only lacks a super-zoom and for now that's OK; the K-5 is a camera that still leaves too little missing to cause me any concern.

  •  Today's AF kit: Sigma EX15, Pentax DA18-55, EX/DG50 macro, DA55-300
  • The MF lightweight kit: Rikenon 28P, 35-70P, 70-150XR. 
  • The MF 2-lens (or video) kit: Vivitar(Kobori) 28-105 and 70-150XR. 
  • The alternate kit: Lumix G1, 14-42 and 45-200 OIS zooms.
  • The full-frame-sensor kit? 15, 28, 50 primes, 28-105 and 70-150 zooms!
Good stuff all, and plenty of time to learn it all (assuming  I do not go suddenly!).  And now the film bodies, which now consists of two Pentax MEs and two Ricohs (XR-10 and KR5 super).  The Vivitar 28-105 came with a leather-wrapped ME 'SE', a special edition with diagonal split-image focusing screen.  Pretty cool, and now my lead body for the rare use of film.  I really want to learn more about the XR-10 that came with the 35-70 Rikenon though, it shows some interesting features from the early days of electronic cameras.  I need to download a manual so I can brush up, and to figure out what the button near the lens-mount does!

more coming soon ..