08 March 2012

back to the G1

The F550 suffered a fatal incident.  After taking a few photos I went to put it inside my jacket pocket, but before getting there it escaped both hand and pocket, and hit the concrete. Hard. It never responded properly again.  Oh well, glad I paid about half-price for it.

So what about a replacement? I looked at F505s and newer models, but decided that for now my small camera should be the one I already have - so once more the G1 sees the photons of day. Easier on the budget, and though a bit dated on features it's still a great camera. I really like the flip screen, it's great for odd-angle and flower shots.

Here it is on a fun scene, a brightly-painted house with daphne and bamboo out front.  I tweaked the raw image a bit, but not much.  This is a pretty 'honest' rendering of what I saw, and the camera and its sub-kit 14-42 lens did just fine.  The G1 kit lens was the 14-45 but I let it go to save $100.  This one will do.

Here's a collage of two more close-ups from my sunny-day walk home from work.

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