01 January 2012

new year's resolution will increase to 16M

One of my Christmas-season gifts from my bride was permission to step up to the K-5.  Our finances have been a roller coaster lately, and the camera kit has been sacrificed twice for short-term relief.  She appreciates what I have done to help out, and wants me to have the good stuff - and right now that's the K-5 (plus the lenses noted in the last post).  I will be in search of the best deal, but am in no hurry.  A few other funds came in to help with this without hurting our budget in other ways, but let's not be reckless and be forced to let it all go again. :^(

Anyway, I am looking forward to using a top-notch camera with controls all over it.  My transition to right-eye shooting had better hurry up though!

shot at Christmas 2009 with Sony A200

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