03 June 2011

k-x recovery from exposure disaster

Shooting in M mode is still rare for me, so I screw up with some regularity. I recently sold two 50mm lenses and kept my original Rikenon f/2.0, so I was getting reacquainted with it when this happened. Iso400, previous shot clearly taken in strong light. And below it is the reprocessed shot in Elements 9.

When I say 'reprocessed' I mean the Levels slider was moved to the left. That's it! No color adjustments, or noise reduction, or sharpening or anything else - just made it brighter. That's quite a nice result, reminiscent if not as capable as its elder 16-Mpixel sensor in the K-5. Look around the web to see how that can take a shot of a coal mine & make something of it! :^) Anyway, I'm more than pleased with the results of minimal processing on a poorly-executed image. And oh yes - this is a jpg image, not RAW with all its benefits.

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