19 July 2010

new tools.. er toys.. no really, tools!!

Since picking up the K-7 and a few lenses, I have been buying some accessories as well. Here's the story so far...

* second battery, generic
It charged up just fine, and the camera still functions and shows battery-life readout. I've been using it for several days with no incident. Let's face it though: both Pentax and generic have been charged only once, so this will need updating in a year or two! Since their disclaimer inferred that the camera might not display the battery's status, I thought I'd state that in my case, it does.

* nested set of step-up rings
These come as a massive set, sent by mail from Hong Kong. I didn't need them all so a surplus sale is coming soon. These allow me to step from 52mm to 58 so my current cPL can be attached to my Rikenon 50/2 using two rings (52-55+55-58). The bonus here is a cheap and short hood for the lens! I will also keep the 62-67 step just in case, since I have a 67mm cPL as well.

* Seculine Twin1R3-UT remote, wireless and wired capabilities
This sounded good, and hey it is good! I can use it as a wired remote and it uses no battery power, or it can become a wireless transmitter if that's important. Supposedly has a great range, and oh yeah it can be a flashing white light for .. well, some reason can be found for that I'm sure. I tested it with the wire and with battery out: works! I then pulled the wire and added the battery: works too! Yes, so does the flasher.. whoopee.

* Paint Shop Pro X2 Ultimate
The $20 price was too good to refuse.. but I haven't loaded it yet. I have Elements 6 and it met all my needs for Sony's A200, plus I've learned its features pretty well - so it should do my K-7 just as well. I think I will let this go unopened, and accept a few less dollars as the price of jumping on irresistible sales.

* 58 and 67mm polarizing filters
The 58mm purchase was a complete auction fluke, I looked for one and found a lightly-used Hoya right before this auction closed. It was an excellent price and looks/feels great, better than the 67mm Ritz mid-range model I bought in town. Both should do fine.

* 52mm UV
Just in case a UV filter can reduce veiling glare on my Rikenon 50. Well, let it be known that it doesn't - it may help a bit, but not enough to warrant more rigorous testing. Here's the before/after: