23 October 2010

another week, another lens!

This time it's a Vivitar 28-85 in front of the sensor. Another Kobori model, it's sturdy, dense (500g) and in great shape. Sharpness and contrast are again high, quite impressive! This copy has no A setting, which other similar copies have.. so not quite as versatile on the modern bodies. Still a very good showing though.


bryantakespictures said...

I'm really enjoying these old lens tests. New lens tests are almost boring because there aren't any truly bad ones! My K-7 just arrived and I'm thoroughly enjoying testing it out.

How much harder is it to use an "m" lens than an "a" lens? Is the only difference the stop-down metering?

granitix said...

Yes, stop-down only.. sorta. Unless you are in 'M' mode, the lens will always be used wide open (so if it's a great wide-open lens you're set!) 'A' mode claims to work but it won't stop down the lens. In M mode, set up zoom and f/ratio, press the green button to set shutter. If lighting is similar in subsequent shots you can just use those settings, otherwise dial in a different shutter speed on the front wheel or re-press the green button.