12 June 2014

moving on...

In both good and  bad news, the house has sold!  This means debts are nearly gone and our scattered boxes of lifestyle will be regathered soon in one place.  It also means we must figure out where that New Place actually is, and soon!

Tours of our next possible home have been ongoing, and for the most part the 17mm Fish-Eye has overtaken the 18-250 as the most-useful lens for such matters.  I did not expect to use the superduperzoom over 50mm often for this task, but 18mm isn't quite enough either.  Since the Fish-Eye shoots with distortion allowed its horizontal field is wider, a bit wider than the DA15 - so that's wide enough for me, and while the distortion is clear in many cases it doesn't distract me from what I want to see with these images.  If anything it's rather cool!  And as the shot here shows, the color & contrast are quite excellent.  This house this was shot from wouldn't take a contingency offer on a sure-thing sale - too bad for them.

Of course, one of those packed boxes scattered to the four winds holds an 8mm Rokinon fisheye,
something I was sure I wouldn't be needing before the move - and really I still think the 17mm is better for home scrutiny as the 8mm would make details too small to get more than a general sense of how these prospective homes look.  As I've noted before, I believe the SMC 17 has effectively removed the Rok 8 as my widest lens, or the lens that will get enough use to justify its place in the bag.  Someone else can enjoy it soon.  The same could be said of another box, which holds K-01 and K-5 bodies that have been benched during the move and now find themselves less valued.  I really should have seen that coming...

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