16 July 2010

more DAL55-300 shots

Bokeh effect, zoom range for DAL 55-300
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Bryan said...

Eeek, not the best bokeh there. That's the biggest problem I have with slow tele-zooms. Luckily, you can get pretty good results if you're careful about your backgrounds, but at least you have that 135 f/2.8 for the bokeh shots.

Still, for the zoom range, the price, and the size, it looks like a good lens.

granitix said...

Agree with you on all that - sharp where it's focused, better than most, but the bokeh isn't a strong suit. The DA version adds a few grams, a hood and quick-shift focus, but I paid about $250 for this & I'm quite pleased. It also works with the Kenco 1.5x TC in bright conditions!